This week in music….

The Maccabees’s release their new album “Given To The Wild,” this past Monday, the 9th in the UK. It is an amazing album and the third of this band. Check out the review at:

Surfer Blood also has finally played a new song from their EP, “Tarot Classics,” in a live performance in Jimmy Fallon. After last years performance in The Bronze Peacock Room at House of Blues and multiple performances at SXSW, let’s see if we will see this band anytime in the near future.

If you have yet to see the video of “Two Against One,” by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s collaboration album, “Rome,” check it out at: . Also if you have yet to hear the album read a review at:

The Cranberries have finally announced tour dates starting this June in Europe in support of their forth coming album, “Rose.” This is the bands sixth album and will be released on February 14th.

Death Cab for Cutie releases a video to one of the best songs from their recent album, “Codes and Keys (The review of the album can be seen here: ) .” This animated video is done by the same people who did “Grapevine Fires,” from their album, “Narrow Stairs.”  This song is personally one of my favorite form the album. Check out the video:

Also if you missed Death Cab For Cutie’s show last year check out this review of the show at

The Big Pink’s song, “Hit the Ground,” has finally struck a wave before the bands new album, “Future This,” hits us on the 16th of this month. “Stay Gold,” was the single of the album and is an amazing track but did not gain much attention. The ever growing popularity of this band in 2009, after winning the NME award for greatest new band , has changed their sound a bit from what we head previously. This is only the second album of the band but is already has a following which will surely impact the touring and recognition of the band.  We have yet to see American tour dates but with the festival circuit still mainly dormant and line-ups still to be determined, we may get a glimpse of the band soon enough.

Snow Patrol released their new album, “Fallen Empires,” this past Tuesday. Read the review of their latest album at: Also they are having a tour which is stopping in the US. They will stop by Houston on May 18th at the Verizon Wireless Theater. For more date information go to the tour site at:

To those of us who love the music festivals, we have finally seen the full line-up of Coachella. This festival which will take place for two weekends is in Indio, California. This is the first main festival in the US and is one of the first in the nation. It is the largest in the west coast and has been claimed as the greatest music festival in the US. The line up looks solid with different bands expanding from different genre’s giving the perfect variety for those attending. As of right now there are still tickets for the event and since there are two weekends you will most certainly be able to see the artist you want. As we approach the festival there will be more coverage on the bands and festival.

Keep tuning in to this blog or to my show on on Tuesday’s from 5 – 7 Central time to hear about the latest albums and music news.


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