The Hives are back!

This Swedish garage rock group which left the music scene during their expanding popularity and growth across the world. They grew in the early 2000’s with their single, “Hate to  Say I Told You So.” Their latest album Lex Hives will come out later this year sometime in June and has brought back the band who used to be in competition with bands like The Vines.

Through the course of their hiatus, the band had a few internal problems and has put those issues to the side to engage with their fans once again. They have boarded the festival circuit and are now touring across the world demonstrating the intensity they have on stage as performers.

Veni Vidi Vicious was the first album that I heard from this band and reminded me of a more retro scheme of things with the way they structure their guitar and bass as well as the vocals. They then came out with Tyrannosaurus Hive in 2004 with tracks which topped the UK charts with “Walk Idiot Walk.” A few other tracks appeared in video games which made the band even that much more popular among American audiences.

Their last full length album, The Black and White Album , was released in 2007. The website was changed to look as if it were a “emergency broadcast,” theme to it due to the single of the album being a track called, “Tick Tick Boom.” Their success grew even more after this album hitting different commercial platforms such as film, television, and once again video games.

This year they are coming out with a new album and have has a sneak peak as to what they have in store for the fan who have waited five years for this album to be released. Enjoy “Go Right Ahead.”


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