103.7 Is Gone, Who Will Step Up?

103.7 Houston’s Adult Alternative has stopped being on the air as of 5 PM yesterday. This was the only station that would play what is considered to be the mainstream indie music in Houston. They would play songs from Mumford and Sons to The Avett Brothers while still keeping the mainstream crowd with tracks from Smashing Pumpkins and R.E.M. Their formula was one which opened the mind of its listeners moving them away from the infinite loops that other stations do playing the same new track an over saturated amount of times.

This station was one of the only few programmed on the dial, with Sirius having such variety and stations worldwide, the only Houston station with diversity and freedom will now be nothing but a distant memory overshadowed by its partner Cumulus station 104.1 KRBE.

Personally this was the only music station I have auto programmed onto my car stereo. It was the first time that I heard one of my favourite bands, Death Cab for Cutie on the air. There was one time that while talking to one of the DJ’s on the Facebook page of the site, requested two songs back to back, and my request was fulfilled.  These DJ’s and sound techs were in touch with people and were not as concerned about playing the latest music, but instead playing the best music.

Now that it is turning into a Christian station, I am sure that the attained audience will flock back to their Mp3 devices or Sirius radio stations. I for certain have no true need for music from any other Houston radio station. I am not downing any other stations, but the diverse environment and things that 103.7 did, are not even closely matched. They would give out tickets to shows of bands which were not played on the other station that were still an amazing band such as, The Airborne Toxic Event, OK GO, Snow Patrol, and many more.

I feel like this is a huge loss to the musical movement this city is experiencing. With Free Press Summer Fest honing in various genres of musicians and artists, this station could have been one of the hubs for those who seek variety and interesting nontraditional music. Although this station is lost for now, from what I can tell with the growth of Free Press Summer Fest and other indie venues such as Fitzgerald’s and Warehouse Live, there will be a return of a station which embodies this, but for now let’s be patient and hope that the wait is not that long.


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