Austin City Limits Schedule is up

The schedule for Austin City Limits is up today. It is a bit of a conundrum to chose which artist to chose. Although the line-up is similar to that of Lollapalooza  there are many bands which are not worth missing at this festival. Although you may be confused and astounded that they chose to play two artist at the same times, here are a few hints as to choosing your line up:

1.) Let us say that two artist overlap in times, although it may be difficult to chose half of a set of two artist, think about the style of music that the artist is and consider how it would sound like in a festival environment as well as the scale of their stage presence. Just because an artist is good in your car does not mean that they are good live, and even if they are good live, perhaps the festival venue is not a suitable place to catch this artist.

2.) If two artist are on either side of Zilker Park, look at the following artist you wish to see and chose the stage closest to your next not conflicting artist to see. It may not always convince you of the stage but it is good to consider proximity in the sold out event with more than 70,000 people.

3.) People in surrounding cities also have the chance to catch a few of artists in their respective hometowns before the festival. Some still have yet to confirm dates so be on the look out in your local music venues for updates.

4.) Think about the last time this artist ever came to the area or how frequently they tour. This may be the one chance you get to see them for a few years or maybe even ever. Also consider what country the artist is from as well as how many US dates or tours they have ever done. It is strongly recommended to chose foreign artist over local US artists in these instances.

5.) Finally, remember that although there are conflicts, there are always aftershows. Make sure to keep checking: for tickets. Stay alert on the ACL facebook page for the Twitter page.


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