Ending Summer

There are times when I voice my personal opinions on society during a time which is troubling or I am enraged by what end up to some being trivial concerns. This time I am not under any sort of these situations and just wish to voice the lesson learned and information attained during the course of the summer, which is coming to an end soon.

Though we may consider ourselves safe in an organization where we feel welcome, in the end the politics which do emerge end up either creating more of an ideal environment or end up destroying the true sentiment behind the purpose of one’s presence and deteriorate the sense of self accomplishment. This holds true to mainly all institutions with a few exceptions and is not meant to cause feudal environments, but when there is ownership, there will always be rivalries, superfluous emotions, and demeaning actions which trouble the institution.

People have devolved to lack the comprehension of team work, which is a term that is overused and misunderstood by modern day acclimations. The term has come to mean that two people work together for the same goal, but modern day dictates that you must also look ahead and find the way in which you can look superior with the task at hand. This leads the greed and self-proclaimed sense of power which causes the hostility that ends up destroying the foundation of growth. Although self-preservation is the reason of existence, the way that we go about this is dependent on us, and as of now causes harm and is rarely done correctly to see the benefit of man rather than the fulfillment of an individual.

The political corrections used in these places are absurd and are used to sugar coat the true sense of the profanity that is behind these actions. Terms like, “dropped the ball,” mean in the true underlying sense of the term, “Screwed up.” These polite ways of cutting down a person are more a demeaning method concealing the truth behind friendly words which are meant to keep morale. This loosely based

Overall though the lack of direct communication between people and the straight forward approach is now seen in a rude light, which dictates that the sensitivity of the majority of people is to keep a distance from the truth. This is hypocritical because those who keep their distance from being harsh to the real words of rejection or malice vocabulary are the same people who line up a chik-fil-a to protest the same sex marriage right by devouring a chicken sandwich. It is a distraught feeling knowing that the protest of the equality of marriage to someone is demonstrated by the consumption of fast food. Some took part in this stating that the true reason behind joining this “movement,” was to protect the right for the freedom of speech. Although I can somewhat understand the sense of defending the constitution by ordering a meal, I fail to see how the stand for this was to allow freedom of speech. The words of the owner of this fast food chain do not mean anything to me, but the funds from which this man contributes does have me worried.

Money has always had its sway in institutions which need funding, which are nearly all of them, but now they have made their way publicly into politics, allowing corruption to occur before the person is even a representative of the people. Before being in office, the money and donations are already buying the way into the representatives pocket causing the cheers and screams of the public to die down to a whisper while Political Action Committees bask in the glory of currency. This disconnects and divides society into two riffs, tearing at each other not budging and proclaiming their sense of values higher than that of anyone else’s.  This disconnection between the government and people is also now between people. The controversy of what is right and wrong is not a discussion but a scream over who can drown out the other first with their roars.

I was able to see unity at times though with the event like the Olympics which pushed the threshold of man to the brink of perfection. A lifetime of dedication led them to the even which would dictate and rank their performance. Although this sounds bit demeaning, these Olympians are not doing this for sponsors or for a television role, but the sense of self accomplishment and self-fulfillment. Just being in the Olympics ranks them as some of the top people in their respective categories across the world.

Also, when we break from these roles of dedication and just venture to the unknown, the result is one which demonstrates the boundaries and extends the lines of self-discovery. Going off on a tangent does not always just cause a distraction from the real world but can guide a person to find a bigger sense of life and create a way of joy which was unknown. These ways of self-exploration create growth and are more pleasing in fulfilling and discovering which stimulate is more than the standard societal definitions of success.

The roles which we take in our lives are just that, our own chosen roles. The affect and impact we have on the world are our own and are not dictated as much by those around us, since there always seems to be someone playing a more superlative role, but instead resides within us as individuals. “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero,” and in the end we are the ones who leave the legacy of ourselves in an imprint on this world. We chose the size of it, but do not dictate how long the mark will last.

Choosing to follow drone like through life and become successful in modern society is something which should not appeal to anyone. Success in modern day America is measure in luxurious oversized square feet, a number of karats, and the collective amount of money in your wallet. Choosing life is not choosing these items to live by.

This leads to the obsessions that we as humans have with the prized roles of leadership and superiority of all things on this planet. This is seen with the way we live every day and negates the essence of being alive by exploring ourselves and instead drown the time we have watching people on television humiliate themselves and reprise knowledge to entertain us.

Music plays its role releasing the tensions and worries felt everyday by the societal pressure. It is the gateway that is created to free the mind to wonder off and find its emotion. It fits all areas of life from the horrid repulsiveness of modern society, to the one feeling that humans have that cannot be replicated of love. Although, I am only voicing the opinions and thoughts from this past summer I have lately been thinking about the meaning of such a thing in the current human condition. It may be a primitive instinct but it is one which a lot of other creatures and beings lack. There must be a reason why we think and write about such a sentiment in music as much as we do. The expression of this emotion which is done beautifully in many mediums and expressed different from person to person, but the sentiment is the same. It feels a bit weird to touch such a cliché subject but, lately it is one which is touched and felt across the human race. Currently though the lyrics best sum it up, “I can’t think of air without thinking of you.”


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