Mad Decent Block Party

Mad Decent Block Party

As the summer comes to and end we find ourselves in either two states of emotion, excitement for the fall or disappointment at the end of summer. In the way of music the summer holds the opportunity to experience a handful of amazing festivals and shows. (If you live in the southern US you can call BS on that and we understand.) Whether you “raged” this summer or stayed in, don’t worry, there is hope for all of you out there because live music never ends with the end of a season, or the changing of the weather. Basically the question you must ask yourself is, “do I have enough bass in my life.” Yes I said bass, meaning, speaker pounding, concrete breaking, eardrum popping, and perhaps some twerking, bass. (Okay, we will reconsider our stance on twerking) No? Well then mark your calendars for the Mad Decent Bloc Party.

Mad Decent is a record label based in Los Angeles. The front runner for the label is non-other than Thomas Wesley Pentz aka Diplo, known for producing for many artist such as Robyn, Kid Cudi, Snoop Dog, and Die Antwoord. The goal of the label is to shine a spot light on new sounds that are diverse in genres and culture. Mad Decent has collected and collaborated with an array of artist such as Major Lazor, Rusko, Baauer, Dillion Francis, Crookers, and more. That sound is often affiliated with heavy bass, funky beats, catchy hooks, oh and more bass.


There is one condition that may or may not affect your decision to get your fix of bass this fall and that is that the show is for (in select locations) all ages. There is a certain crowd that Mad Decent likes to attract; everyone. There is sure to be teenagers galore and possibly one or two adventurous parents with a stroller. As far as Texas is concerned there are two cities that will house the party, Dallas and New Braunfels. Dallas has put a cap on the audience and so the show will be only for 18 and up. New Braunfels however is for all ages.

Although it is all ages, in Dallas the place where the concert takes place is a club, which although sounds like an ideal scenario because of the age restriction, it does not ensure a lack of a younger audience to it being in the parking lot of said club. Dallas has hosted many electronic music events lately and has many accommodations for the mainstream electronic crowd but for those who want to get down and dirty and care more about the music than the venue then this might not be the city for you. With events such as Lights All Night, that had many bros, teenagers, kandi kids, and ridiculous amount of people going because they had nothing better to do, it kills the actual mood that the music is trying to portray. With Mad Decent though, the show is what matters, not the popularity or extortion of the music, which is what is being currently seen in the industry. This show guarantees that it will not be the case here because the actual records label is running the event, which gives them all of the freedom to do whatever they want with their music and how they want their set up.

The show in New Braunfels will be held on September 7th at the Whitewater Music Amphitheater which is fairly sized and has one primary stage. The Amphitheater has housed Day Glow, Euphoria Music Festival and other small shows related to electronic music. It will be port-a-potties and dirt floors for this evening of music with two bars located in the middle of the venue and trees scatters here and there near the entrance.

Although being indoors and having the luxury of Air Condition, this music although played in clubs in some cities such as Atlanta and New Orleans is more of an outdoor event. Mad Decent has been around for a while and does not have many break-through tracks to have taken over the mainstream audiences other than Diplo collaborations, which will not be played at this event. Also it would be best to be able to be squirted with water guns and have a sea of people behind you instead of being tightly packed in a venue.

For the full line up and tour dates make sure to check out the release video below.

The lineup for each city is different. In Dallas so far we can expect to see: MAJOR LAZER, DILLON FRANCIS, BAAUER, ACTION BRONSON, FLOSSTRADAMUS, 3BALL MTY, GRIZ, NADASTROM, THE HI-YAHS and, JUYEN SEBULBA

In New Braunfels so far the lineup consists of: MAJOR LAZER, BIG GIGANTIC, DILLON FRANCIS, BAAUER, FLOSSTRADAMUS, 3Ball MTY, Kito & Reija Lee, The Partysquad, DJ El Dusty

For tickets and to see who is playing at your city click here!!!

Start at 44:03 for some of the artists that will play both Dallas and New Braunfels.


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