Abraham Villanueva along with Dante Schwebel, Rene and Jaime Villanueva form, Hacienda a native band from San Antonio. Hacienda has three albums under its belt; they have a sound like none I’ve ever heard. All three albums were produced by Dan Auerbach, guitarist from The Black Keys, who asked them to tour with him for his solo project, Hacienda along with Patrick Hallahan form My Morning Jacket formed The Fast Five. This led them to tour for bands like Dr. Dog, The Black Keys, Kasabian, and Heartless Bastards. Having a part funk and part blues and a whole lot of stank it could be said that they have a sound which is their own that declares itself “SOUTH TEXAS SOUL!”  Their first album was released in 2008 “Loud Is The Night” which has an old-school 1950 rock feel. Their second album dropped 2010 “Big Red & Barbacoa” with a groovier more funky sound. “Shake Down” their latest album released in 2012 is their definitive sound that can be said to be claimed only by this band and declared as a “Hacienda” sound. There is nothing better than listening to this band’s evolution throughout all three albums. Each album is great which the listen can attest to and also can a spark of genius.

Here is ‘Savage’ their first single on their 2012 album “Shake Down”

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