Flo Rida steal video concept from Diplo

It has been well known that sometimes artists sample each others material, recently with or without consent, yet I am unaware of a video concept being ripped off from an artist.

Diplo released a video in February 19, 2013 of a track entitled “Diplo Butter’s Theme,” feat Gent and Jawns. This track has been out for some time and finally got the standard video that Diplo is known for, abstract and unique such as “Que Que.” Similar to the rest of his videos as well as the videos for Major Lazer such as “Pon De Floor.”


Diplotweet1 Diplotweet2

As you can clearly see from looking at the two videos, there is a huge similarity in the choreography, camera angles, and abstract backgrounds. The tricks from kaleidoscope to mirrors to the amount of butts and legs shaking is almost the same as well.

Oddly enough some of the camera tricks for Diplo’s video are taken from all genres of videos, and even at times resemble rock duo The White Stripes track, Seven Nation Army.  Although originality does draw attention, the perfection of the original content is also as fascinating.

In the end though, this could all just be a huge coincidence and I am just wasting my time. Enjoy this meme of Pitbull to liven the article.




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