Where have I been?

I have been a bit busy moving from this blog over to something a bit more concrete. I have been orking on and no running and posting on itsoudnsbetterlive.com The ebsite is run and operated by myself with some collaboration between a few other people. Although it is now a website, the content you enjoyed and loved from this blog is still there with a bit more freedom since I have now no restrictions. Slowly the website will improve and more and more content will be available to you. 


Currently I am still looking at artist to talk to and interview, just like if it ere the blog, but thinking of different ways to change the right no simple sight is a bit time consuming as ell, so bare with me until I am able to find the right balance. Until then, keep checking itsoundsbetterlive.com for your latest music news and reviews. We do not yet have a newsletter, but as I said, little by little I am going to be adding things. If you have any requests or anything you would like to see feel free to contact me through here or on Facebook as ell as Twitter @ISBLive


Thank You for all of your reads and support and hopefully we can keep a connection even though I am running a site. Once again, for your music news, reviews, and critiques make sure to check us out and always remember that It Sounds Better Live. 

Check out our Halloween PLaylist here: http://www.itsoundsbetterlive.com/news/Halloween2013.html