Father John Misty

Looking for a change former Fleet Foxes drummer Josh Tillman created a new moniker and changed his way of looking at music. With only one album out under Father John Misty, he has been making an impact on the festival scene for his eccentric shows.

Before he was Father John Misty, Josh Tillman was a solo artist. He released a few albums in 2006 while working in a bakery in New York. Later in 2008 he joined Fleet Foxes as their drummer, where was just the drummer. Keep in mind they had already released two albums and Tillman was just trying his best keep up. Later in 2008 after touring with them Josh played his final show in Tokyo in January. One of his least known albums is “Singing Ax” released 2010 he didn’t do any kind of promotion or tour for this album.

The reason for no promotion was because at this time he was tired of what his music was sounding like. He was tired of the folk style and sound. He created Father John Misty to break away from his depressing norm and started to change the way he looked at music and his whole writing process. Under his new moniker he created something fantastic. With more of a rock influence and a looser approach to his music Josh Tillman creates something really interesting, which is far removed from his other works, a much darker and deeper.

For more on Father John Misty look for him on Facebook and on http://www.fatherjohnmisty.net/


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