Two Years!!

It has been two years since this blog was started with at first the intention of being just a public journal of my life. At the time I was a DJ at a local college radio station at the university I was at. The premise of the show I had was to name the latest bands in the area ranging from Texas to both East and West coast. Local bands and indie bands from the UK all range as the main attraction to the show at the time and also a few of my favorites. Things did not end up working out on the live streaming station due to a lack of proper management and as always political dilemmas which led to having to leave and do something on my own. It Sound Better Live was born on a Tuesday from 5:00 to 7:00 and has since changed into being a source of music for a number of people and followers on Facebook.

After completing the transition from DJ and radio personality to blogger, there was still a lack of something. Being on the air allowed for a way to express something that written words cannot, this led to the creation of the Podcast that is run on Soundcloud. Although it cannot be weekly as desired, it is still a more intimate way to connect with someone and have them sample music than just read it.

After growing for a while the blog and Podcast have more than surpassed the amount of reader and listeners during my stay at the college station and has gained so much traction that I needed assistance to keep up to date with the music.

Now three of us post and writ about music and we will do as best we can to keep you entertained and informed while we share with you what we love, music.


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