The Naked and Famous

The Naked and Famous

Though there is a lack of enthusiasm with the venue being House of Blues, there was still a bit of nostalgia as the sign near the entrance lit up showing The Naked and Famous.  It was Saturday meaning that the crowd consisted of fans as well as people experimenting and listening to the band for the first time. This caused the crowd to be a mix and not all have the same energy for the show. This was unfortunate since this New Zealand who’s critically acclaimed album, “Passive Me, Aggressive You,” has received praise. Tracks like, “Punching in a Dream,” have moved this band forward in the indie rock world and made the band flourish across the world. This album is a blend of concepts from heavy synth and dance floor tracks, to a melodic piano and riffing guitar.

With that the opening band “Now, Now” is a flourishing band still looking for their defined sound, but none the less still a riveting and aspiring band to watch. Their sound consists of the mid 2000’s surging indie with the use of the xylophone and lyrics which match the pulsating beat of the track. The lead female vocals add more significance to the lyrics and make it sound that much better.

Vacationers is a stereotypical band whose sound was made using the same procedures and processes used to make top 40 “rock” tracks. There was no sense of anything different that this band offers that is not already in existence elsewhere.  Not only was the music equally mellow and repetitive, but the lead singer found himself immersed too deeply into his own music making it look absurd when he would jump around on stage.

The Naked and Famous

After that scene, the main act went on stage. As the lights dimmed the main band went on stage and three large LCD panels lit up behind them. The drums beats began and the first verse started with half of the crowd screaming the lyrics to, “All of This.” The song then ended and the light show began which was a very impressive display which used the synth and drums as a template to function.

The Naked and Famous

Following the first track the band played, “Punching in a Dream,” which was one of the singles of the album. The remainder of the night was an amazing show, though the mixed crowd did affect the show to an extent. The environment dwindled as the band began to play songs which were not widely known which caused a lack of audience participation at times, but overall there was no denying the intensity the synth has in tracks created by this band. The Naked and Famous closed their encore set with, “Young Blood,” which made both fans and spectators move and sing along to the anthem of this band.

The album only has thirteen tracks, so the show was short in comparison to others, but that was made up to the fans as the band set up a meet and greet after the show. The lighting and songs were amazing, and fit perfectly with this band. Last time they were in Houston it was opening for English band Foals at Fitzgerald’s, so to see their progress in one year is truly a marvel. There is much to look forward to as the band does one final tour of this album and then heads back to the studio to work on their next full length album.

The Naked and Famous


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