Radiohead at Toyota

Radiohead March 3rd at Toyota

The sold-out show was nothing less than perfection as Radiohead rocked the audience this past weekend at Toyota Center. With the masses of people filling the seats and the floor, there was much anticipation to see the band whose last tour in 2008 brought them to The Woodlands Mitchell Pavilion. Though we know Radiohead to be a less traditional rock band by playing alternative venues that are not as “mainstream,” it was a shocking revelation to see them stop by and play in an actual arena. This made fans a bit hesitant and anxious to see what Radiohead was going to offer.

RadioheadAs the lights dimmed the beats and drum machines kicked in as the band emerged from the darkness of the side stage and made their presence known. Large LCD screens came from the ceiling and held live feeds from different angles of the stage showing the band as they began to play, “Bloom.” The panels would change height and position as the night went on. It went so far as to have then face down over the band creating a surreal background on the band, which was seen mainly during the more tranquil songs like, “Codex.”

Portishead’s Clive Deamer was on stage as the heavy bass and drum beat comprised nearly the entire show. They debuted a few new tracks which resonated from their new album King of Limbs. During The Gloaming Thom Yorke (Lead Singer) began his famous dancing seen in Lotus Flower as the dark blue light from the giant LCD background panel dimmed and made the audience dance along with him. During Lotus Flower everyone in the audience danced and moved, while some mocking the video which went viral, the majority actually danced with the track which was only to be followed by another pulsating track, “There There.

Though there were not many tracks from albums like The Bends or OK Computer, the tracks that they did play which were not so heavily influenced by the synthesizer held the power that they normally would have. During Myxomatosis everyone screamed the chorus back to the crowd participating fully to the extent that made the band become more enthralled in the track.

The last track played by the band was the famous Paranoid Android, which was extended in length due to the extended use of the loops the band had used on previous songs. The bands energy surged to the screaming audience as they rocked and moved to the pulsating rhythm of the anthem from OK Computer.  For the most part, the fans participation and enthusiasm towards the show was not was expected as they all fully screamed to every song and began no chants to hear, Creep. Much of the crowd felt disappointed due to the lack of mainstream tracks but the majority of the true fans enjoyed the show and the spectacle that this band from the UK conjured.

Setlist (Courtesy of

  • Bloom
  • Little By Little
  • Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  • Morning Mr. Magpie
  • The Gloaming
  • 15 Step
  • Codex
  • Cut a Hole
  • These Are My Twisted Words
  • Airbag
  • Identikit
  • Lotus Flower
  • There There
  • Feral
  • Idioteque
  • Reckoner


  • Separator
  • All I Need
  • Myxomatosis
  • Everything In Its Right Place

Encore 2:

  • Give Up the Ghost
  • Nude
  • Paranoid Android

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