The world has grown with an obsession of electronic music in the past few years changing the styles and beats of pop. It has influenced films and television as well as art and fashions. Though the music has been around for years it has once again emerged to the mainstream making older DJs more recognizable than they previously were. One of those is Tiesto, who has been around for years and whose name alone is a trademark of near perfection to EDM. His name is synonymous to the definition of the music scene he dominates and has been a house hold name played at parties and clubs alike.

Though this is the case in most occasions, his set on Saturday at H2O in Dallas Texas demonstrated that talent is not synonymous to a name. There is an expectation that needs to be fulfilled when someone of that caliper reaches the stage, which seems a bit unfair to the artist, but after years and multiple hit tracks, expectation is something that has to come with the reigns of being the symbol of a movement.

Drops were treated like jokes and were done by using cheap stunts like just turning down the current beat at the time. This seems like a common thing to do when it is hard to produce and appropriate transition but was over used and made the bar low with accordance to the name this DJ holds.

As the night progressed there was more of a lacking of innovation with the DJ sampling top 40 tracks that have been shunned as mere stunts to build a bit of a crowd response. There was a small sampling of other mixes by other DJ’s which are better heard from their creator than from another DJ. Overall the experience was disappointing and truly missed the expectations I had of him by a long shot.

The show was fair and the special effects such as fireworks and flames made it a fun spectacle, but musically it lacked true qualities and felt like someone merely was DJing at a house party. It is sad how a name gives an artist such fame, yet does not truly stand for its name.


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