Swedish House Mafia

Although Swedish House Mafia have disbanded and gone their separate ways, the trio has one last venture together in this music video by the artist Lune. The track “Leave the World Behind” with the help of Laidback Luke was the track that made the trio into the power they are now and surface across Europe and make it to Ultra for the first time. The track is one that has the beginning breakthrough sounds that are in the majority of their current tracks and is a format which led to the world premiere of the famous track “One,” at Ultra Miami Music Winter Conference in 2010  which resurfaced house music across the United States.

Since then they have had much success due to the wave of Electronic Music that hit the United States during 2011 with the surfacing of a new genre of dance music and the popularity of House and Trance. From then until now Swedish House Mafia composed of Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, and Steve Angello, have grown across the world with their hits being played in clubs all across the world such as “Save the World,” “Antidote,” “Greyhound,” and now “Don’t You Worry Child.” Although there were many collaborations and they each did their own tracks separate from Swedish House Mafia, they took the chance to then each create their own individual record companies.

Created by Sebastian Ingrosso

Created by Axwell

Created by Steve Angello

With the mainstream popularity growing, Swedish House Mafia had its differences from the direction where they wanted to go, and with them living in different parts of the world,  collaboration between them was getting difficult. After the release of their latest album, they declared one last world tour hitting major cities across the world not including Europe due to the already extensive touring they had done there over the past few years. Tickets to these shows sold out in minutes and sometimes two or even three dates were added which also later sold out.

Although their music was one that is traditionally associated with the club scene, the majority of the people who attended the shows were not those posh bottle service people, but people who enjoy the music for what it is as well as had an emotional response to the majority of the tracks. Earlier, the trio created and event called Masquerade Motel, which took place in Ibiza, the electronic music capital of the world. They attempted a major overhaul of this event that took place originally in 2011 and spread to Miami in 2012 and finally took place in LA on 2013.

The show was a light filled adventure, which started off with many other DJ’s such as Mat-Zo, Otto Knows, and Alesso. All of them playing their most popular tracks ensuing the crowd in a frenzy as the night progressed and Swedish House Mafia was about to take the stage.

Mat-Zo played a lot of his famous track with a majority of the crowd jumping but mostly swaying as true fans of  the British Producer from London played his famous tracks. The set mixed well together and was a bit of a departure from what is expected from the headliners, giving variety to the day filled with producers currently on the top of Beatport and of their careers.

Otto Knows came out and became known to the public because of Sebastian Ingrosso during a session of “Refune Radio,” which is a mix done by Sebastian Ingrosso on his label Refune Records. The Swedish Producer started off a set which consisted of a more House themed mix, differing greatly from the previous performer but leading closer to the sounds of Swedish House Mafia to an extent.  As the set grew to a close, the track which made him famous, “Million Voices” hit the audience with a thus as they began to sing along with the track.

Alesso, is the young Swedish producer that Sebastian Ingrosso took under his wing many years ago and at his age of twenty one might surpass the popularity of Avicii. Also signed with Refune Records, his collaboration with Seb originally entitled, “Calling,” as a monster of a track that was everywhere in Europe upon its release and took to beatport by storm. Later the vocal version was released and as renamed, “Calling (Lose My Mind)” which only added depth to the already beast of a track with the help of vocals by Ryan Tedder. Earlier he created the track, “Raise Your Head,” which was a major hit as well, though not as popular. Finally to cap 2011 the remix of Nadia Ali’s “Pressure” by Alesso stormed all of the shores from the UK to US demonstrating the power that was to come. In 2012 when the release of “Calling (Lose My Mind)” the track that made him on Beatport for the #1 slot, he release another track “Years,” which he closed his set with, was also #1 on Beatport.

The track which ignited the audience was “City of Dreams.” It encapsulates a moment in which the music takes the listener into a different place that most dance music does. Modern day music is about drinking, going to a club with lyrics that talk about living for the moment, which is not what this track is about. It personifies a feeling that cannot be replicated, it was a moving track that the thousands of Swedish House Mafia fans sang along to and swayed with as Alesso dropped the track. The LCD screens and stage glowed a perfect color as the sun was peeking through the hills of LA and set. Hands were raised in the air with the song playing and the ground shaking as people once again moved their arms from side to side singing along, “I still miss you.”

Swedish House Mafia took the stage with a giant curtain falling revealing a futuristic display of LCD screens in something similar to a chandelier, layered from larger to smaller as they got closer to the three of them. The ground thumped as the heavy snare drum began and the track Greyhound began to play. The crowd screamed as the track played and the wet ground felt solid under ones feet. From the mouths of everyone smoke came out from the cold air as breezes swept through. Trickles of rain bounced off of the bikini tops of some, tank tops of others, and jackets of most as the sound from the heavy bass tracks all echoed across Chinatown in LA.

The set began to play mainly Deep House for a while until the signs from fans were raised in the air that read, “We come, we rave, we love.” As the night grew darker the lighting became more spectacular with laser cutting through the trickles of rain falling from the sky with the ground thumping as the masses of people jumped and sang along. Many hits from their album were played as well as popular mixes like that of, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall,” “In My Mind (Axwell),” and “Antidote.”

The crowd never seized to slow down and as an intermission they had people raise their cell phones in the air counting down the time until Swedish House Mafia took the stage again. When the timer stopped the curtain fell once again stopping the video that as being displayed on it and took to to the LCD screens. A new mix of “One,” was played which was slowed down making it then somewhat of a hip-hop track which was surprising. It played over well and then lead to a transition that was a few of the older tracks, mainly from their first album. As the set grew to a close they played “Don’t You Worry Child,” which received the response it normally would have and then stopped the show with the main lights coming back on.

A shadow made its way across the stage and then followed by to other ones. They turned back on the large LCD panels and played “…One more, just because you are so amazing and beautiful today.” A piano began playing and to hardcore fans screaming ensued as they were the main rhythm to, “Save the World Tonight.” The track then after its build began playing with the crowd clapping along and then singing, “Who is going to save the world tonight.” Swedish House Mafia turned down the sound so the crowd was the only thing being heard allowing the roar to ensue. They turned the volume back up and led the song to the chorus. Everyone jumped, danced, moved, and bounced as the main chorus took place and song turned to its fast paced nature. The small break that occurs in the song led for the perfect fusion of it with the new track by Sebastian Ingrosso, “Reload.” The LCD crystal rained down sparkles as the stage let down a wall of sparks and smoke as fireworks exploded over the stage. Everyone waved their arms as the track was ending.

“We came, we rave, we love you.”

– Axwell


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